How to Maintain your Hair Extensions

Our hair extensions are 100% Indian, Russian, European,Brazilian and Peruvian Remy Human Hair Extensions. Remy hair  extensions are the most sought after hair in the world. It is the finest quality and therefore one of the most expensive of all sources of Remy Human Hair. Extension Hair can be re-used over and over again. Hair can be dyed hair feels soft, silky and smooth. Very soft, tangle free very healthy hair, strong weft sewing. Hair can be dyed, curled or straightened, hair keeps natural pattern after washing. 

  • Alcohol free styling products are recommended if possible.
  • Use good quality products that you would use on your own hair, as the hair is 100% natural and needs the same amount of care and attention. 
  • Sleep with your natural wavy hair tied in a loose plait; this will minimize the chance of knots and tangles. 
  • Wash your hair in downward movements using your fingertips to wash your scalp. The same applies when rinsing the hair, this is to ensure that all shampoo and conditioner is removed. 
  • Make sure you use gentle shampoo to wash your hair. Some people also prefer to wash the hair with conditioner only.
  •  Use a wide toothed comb or a special hair extension brush. 
  • Always comb from the ends to the roots and hold your extensions at the seal to prevent pulling and breakage.
  • To maintain the natural wave after washing, allow the hair to dry naturally. 
  •  If you do have bonded hair, avoid blow drying or generally using heat on adhesives.

Can I Curl, Crimp, Wave, Straighten, Colour the Hair Extensions?

Yes, as all of the hair extensions we use are 100% human hair you can use it just as you would your own.

How Long Will My Extensions Last?

Micro rings, Micro loops, Keratin fusion, and Nano rings can last up to 2.5 to 4 months depending on your natural hair re-growth and care. The extensions may even last longer if well maintained however, we recommend taking the hair out after 3 or 4 month to enable you comb your natural hair thorough and conditioned to remove any build ups before re-application. You can reuse the same hair at the reduced re-application cost for a further 3 months, which involves removal and re-application of your extensions.

Nano Rings Hair Extensions

Micro Weft Hair Extensions

Micro Weft Hair Extensions technique is an amazing way to add volume, length or thickness to your hair. This method is completely FREE from glue or heat, it comprises the use of Remy Weft Hair Extension attached to your natural hair from the root. A strand of your natural hair is attached to a strand to the hair extensions, the combined strands are gently pulled through a micro ring or bead, this sections are placed about 1/2 apart and clamped today to secure the weft.

Micro Weft Hair Extensions application technique is much quicker than micro ring as less rings are used.

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Clip ins Hair Extensions

Jasnelle Hair Extensions Full Head Set Clip in Hair Extension has everything you need for a complete hair makeover. All the hard work is done for you. Each pack contains 10 pre-cut hair pieces each sized for different sections of the head so they are easy to layer and blend - great for an instant volume boost as well as for adding length.

Structure: 2 x 8" Wide Weft (4 Clips per weft) 2 x 6" Wide Weft (3 Clips per weft) 2 x 4" Wide Weft (2 Clips per weft) 2 x 3" Wide Weft (2 Clips per weft) 2 x 2" Wide Weft (1 Clip per weft).

Brazilian Knots Hair Extensions

Our Luxury Brazilian Knots is one of the Healthiest Strand-by-Strand Hair Extensions techniques, this method has No Links, No Glue and No Heat. It can transforms Thin Hair to Thick, Brazilian Knots usually Lasts 3 to 4 months depending on care.

Keratin Micro Fusion Pre-bond Hair

Micro Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions are one of the most popular techniques on the market, these pre bonded extensions are attached to the natural hair with a keratin bond and heat for a strong hold, these extensions can last months with good care and maintenance. A great way if adding length, volume and colour.

Micro Rings | Beads or I Tip Hair Extensions

Micro rings are Jasnelle Hair & Beauty's popular hair extensions technique - it causes no damage to your natural hair. Micro rings are similar to pre bond keratin fusions but without any glue. A strand of hair extension is placed with a strand of your natural hair to  creates a single combined strand , the strand is then placed inside the micro ring.  It is then closed flat to tightly hold the extension hair to your own natural hair. They are undetectable to the naked eye and give amazing natural results.

Micro Ring hair extensions can instantly transform your hair from a short, fine and lifeless style into a long, thick and radiant looking hairstyle which is full of natural body and bounce. Micro Ring hair extensions are the celebrity’s choice, no glue, no stitching and no pain, resulting in the most realistic hair extensions available on the market.

Our Hair Extension Techniques|Methods

Seamless Double Tape Hair Extensions

Tape extensions feel very light on the head. Suitable for those with thin or fine, short hair and who want more of a flat looking finish. A section of client's natural hair is taken (same width as the tape), then a tape is placed under the hair and another tape is placed on top (sandwich) to secure the tape on the client's natural hair. If done well the tape will never slipped out.

Luxury Weave-In Hair Extensions

Jasnelle Hair & Beauty Weave In Hair Extensions method is one of the most natural hair extension techniques that protects the natural hair and allows it to grow when done correctly. This method is suitable for all hair types. The natural hair is braided into cornrows and the weft hair is then sewn on to the cornrow. We do not use any chemicals and heat for this method. Once the hair is sewn on to the cornrow it's secure and free for you to style and wear as you desire.

Weft hair extensions give you a fuller and even coverage all over compared to the strand by strand method. Weft extensions are good for creating length, thickness and highlights without adding chemicals to your own hair. This is a safe method of applying hair extensions to your own hair without causing any damage. 

Weave in hair extensions can be worn up to 8 weeks depending on the texture of hair and care. Application time for full head is about 1.5 hours and 1.0 hour for half head. Removal is easy relatively easy. 


Before the application make an appointment for free consultations to determine the best option for you, choose the colour and method and make an appointment for the application of your extensions. Make sure that your hair is freshly coloured to avoid dying extensions unnecessarily. On the day of the application please make sure your hair is washed and only lightly conditioned at the ends if you have shorter hair do not use conditioner. Don't use any styling products on your hair.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are amazing way of transforming your look almost instantly. You can add length, volume, change the colour or just add highlights or lowlights and go from short straight hair to long and curly within 2-3 hours. We offer professionally applied hair extensions in three different techniques to provide the right method to suit your needs. Our hair extension specialists provide high standard of services from free consultations, professional application to aftercare advice.

Looking After Yourself Well....
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